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Sophia E. Matthews Partlow
About Sophia

A native of Charlotte, Sophia Matthews began doing consulting work for local artists and businesses while working as a bank teller in 2002.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing in 2004, Sophia jumped right into the world of real estate investment with her father and step-mother.  Their success with applying novel marketing strategies and incorporating database technologies to how they operated lead them to create RealToolz, a system to help other investors navigate the business.

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Sophia maintained her consulting practice throughout, working with many extraordinary people and firms, such as Dr. Howard Conyers, Clear Sky Images, Implan and New Leaf Counseling Group.  After almost a decade-long run in the real estate world, Sophia turned her focus to her marketing business for a time.  That is, until her mother, a high school teacher, told her about an interesting job opening in the administrative offices of the school district she works for, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).  Sophia applied to this novel position and became the sole Social Media Specialist for CMS in 2013.

While working full time, Sophia received her Master's Degree in Informatics with a concentration in Project Management at UNCC in 2016 and in 2019, she was promoted to a director level position in the Communications Department of CMS. She currently serves on several Boards, including Children & Family Services Center and The Be More Foundation.

Recent Work

Sophia is a true factotum.  Wearing so many hats within the communications, business, real estate, healthcare, education, marketing and IT fields has taught her how to apply agile practices to absolutely any management situation.  Even while navigating disparate and seemingly varied waters, Sophia has found success by adhering to three core tenets of exhibiting kindness, running toward chaos and striving for continuous growth.

During her seven year tenure with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Sophia instituted those three tenets in her work with social media to reshape the voice and persona of one of the largest school districts in the country to one of openness, inclusion and transparency.  Clever and in-touch communications enabled her to grow the system's followers and likes, certainly. More profoundly, because she gained the trust of the kids, she was able to learn about threats, prevent fights and assist kids, staying ahead of many crises.  CLICK HERE to see examples of Sophia and her team's work.

Presently, as the Communications Director of Digital Outreach for CMS, Sophia's locus of control expanded to include the district website.  When she was brought into the role, she was given less than three weeks to wrap work on a new website for the district and she made it happen.  When things didn’t work out with the vendor and she was asked to stand the former website back up, Sophia formed a team of ten to modernize the site and migrate 176 school sites + 80 department sites. That's over 2000 pages of content moved in just 22 days.  It was a staggering amount of work, for which the school system did not have to outsource one penny.


When Sophia is given responsibility over an area, it shines.  CLICK HERE to see what others have to say about her performance and to leave a referral for her if you've had an opportunity to work with or under her.

Personal Life

Sophia is the proud mother of an incredibly sweet 18-month-old and three fur babies.  She and her husband, Chris Partlow, began the process of adopting their little girl in 2019 when she was 2-days old. Chris and Sophia were introduced

through friends online in 2010 while Chris lived in his homeland of England.  The happy couple were married in 2014 after an extremely long-distance relationship.

Navigating the immigration and adoption processes have helped to increase Sophia's patience and thoroughness.


Some of Sophia's hobbies include writing, volunteering, billiards, video games, music, and crossword puzzles.

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