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    Need a New Site? GET A FREE QUOTE > Services We make business building simple Where are you now? 1 Getting Started Do you have a website and branding? Packages 2 Time to Grow Established? Ready for the next level? Services 3 Engage Autopilot Looking to delegate your routine tasks? Plans Marketing, Digital & Branding Consulting At SEMPlimited, a Charlotte-based web design company, we have the pleasure of transforming small businesses into, well... larger small businesses. Although we offer a plethora of services for your website, branding and marketing needs, we understand that every client is unique. By offering various consulting options, we can address your individualized needs, set up small-group trainings for your staff, engage in corporate workshops and engagements, and much more. ​We don't stop there! SEMPlimited offers monthly marketing subscriptions, informative correspondence, and regular online classes to help you and your team continue to learn and grow. $225/hour Book a Session Consulting Ideation Bright Ideas We offer a unique variety of audits to assess your myriad website and marketing needs. The results of each allow us to promptly use our wealth of experience to ensure you get the most out of our collaboration. Book Development Visualize It Once we have a solid grasp on what you are looking for, we will begin to breathe life into those ideas. Whether it's a website, a logo design, or a marketing plan, we work closely with you every step of the way to get it just right. Services Implementation Get to Work Plans are fine, but without actionable items, they may stay right there. If you need assistance kickstarting marketing guidelines, setting up online advertising programs or incorporating Search Engine Optimization, just say the word. Services Websites Latest Websites Get a Quote Fast, Professional, Quality Design Services Web Development Logos & Branding Get a Quote Anchor 2 Logos Logos Stand Out SEMPlimited offers several options for logo design, but each starts with our signature branding audit. Once we have variations of your concept, we'll tweak and hone them down together until we have your perfect iconography. Branding Speak Out Branding is more than colors and fonts. We can discuss the message that you want your company to send, and then formulate anything from a design plan to a full branding guide for your staff that ensures your identity is protected. Marketing Reach Out Web design starts with our web audit. When we fully understand what you are trying to achieve, only then will we develop the ideal design process for seeing your vision to fruition. We can handoff the final site or manage it for you. Testimonials I had the pleasure of working with SEMPlimited on creating a website and ALL that goes with doing so. I am VERY pleased with the work and the very patient and pleasurable follow-up that is being provided. Take a look at Sylvia Jessup Everything about our experience was better than I could have expected. We started with the premise of not wanting to continue to hand out paper versions of our anti-bullying pledge, and now this has grown into a veritable revolution for our students. John Concelman SEMPlimited created an awesome website and logo for my business. I was extremely impressed with the speed and the quality of the work. Also, they were available to make any changes necessary that I had after they finished the project. Marvin Stallworth Testimonials Contact

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    I would like to… View Referrals Download US CV Download UK CV Refer Sophia Sophia E. M. Partlow Know of an opportunity? Get in touch. | UK: +44 7391 123682 | US: +1 704 287 2704 About Sophia A native of Charlotte, Sophia Partlow began doing consulting work for local artists and businesses while working as a bank teller in 2002. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing in 2004, Sophia jumped right into the world of real estate investment with her father and step-mother. Their success with applying novel marketing strategies and incorporating database technologies to how they operated lead them to create RealToolz, a system to help other investors navigate the business. Sophia maintained her consulting practice throughout, working with many extraordinary people and firms, such as Dr. Howard Conyers , Clear Sky Images , Implan and New Leaf Counseling Group . After almost a decade-long run in the real estate world, Sophia turned her focus to her marketing business full time. That is, until her mother, a high school teacher, told her about an interesting job opening in the administrative offices of the school district she works for, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). Sophia applied to this novel position and became the sole Digital Media Specialist for CMS in 2013. Download Sophia's CV While working full time, Sophia received her Master's Degree in Healthcare Informatics with a concentration in Project Management at UNCC in 2016, and in 2019, she was promoted to a director-level position in the Communications Department of CMS. In 2020, Sophia begrudgingly left CMS for a better opportunity as Vice President of Marketing +Technology Innovation for the Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte. The following year, she advanced to a national nonprofit, UnboundEd , as their Vice President of Marketing & Communications. She currently serves on several Boards, including Children & Family Services Center and The Be More Foundation . About Her Work Sophia is a true factotum. Wearing many hats within the communications, business, real estate, healthcare, education, marketing, and IT fields has taught her how to apply agile practices to absolutely any management situation. Even while navigating disparate and seemingly varied waters, Sophia has found success by adhering to three core tenets of exhibiting kindness, running toward chaos, and striving for continuous growth. During her seven year tenure with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Sophia instituted those three tenets in her work with social media to reshape the voice and persona of one of the largest school districts in the country to one of openness, inclusion and transparency. Clever and in-touch communications enabled her to grow the system's followers and likes, certainly. More profoundly, because she gained the trust of the kids, she was able to learn about threats, prevent fights and assist kids, staying ahead of many crises. CLICK HERE to see examples of Sophia and her team's work. Personal Life Sophia is the proud mother of an incredibly sweet 4-year-old and three fur babies. She and her husband, Chris Partlow, began the process of adopting their little girl in 2019 when she was 2 days old. Chris and Sophia were introduced through friends online in 2010 while Chris lived in his homeland of England. The happy couple were married in 2014 after an extremely long-distance relationship. Navigating the immigration and adoption processes has helped to increase Sophia's patience and thoroughness. Some of Sophia's hobbies include writing, volunteering, billiards, video games, music, and crossword puzzles. ​ CLICK HERE to see Sophia's sci-fi author website.

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    Thank you! I appreciate you for taking the time to do this. If I can return the favor in any way, please don't hesitate to ask. Back to Sophia's Bio Connect on LinkedIn

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